Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Truth Journal: Idiot Gridiron Club Boosters FIre Winning LSU Coach Les Miles

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A Truth Journal: Idiot Gridiron Club Boosters FIre Winning LSU Coach Les Miles: From Denny:   Well, it's official.  LSU Coach Less Miles is coaching his last game Saturday, 28 November 2015.  But wait - it's official:  Rich old white men are behaving like diva tittie babies throwing a collective temper tantrum, a few angry old men ignoring the wishes of thousands of LSU fans. Are they related to Putin?  Sure looks like it because these guys have zero class about how they go about parting ways with a winning coach who is also a terrific guy and an effective teacher.

Les Miles coached 142 games while at LSU for almost 11 years.  His record?  Pretty stellar stuff: 110 - 32.  Miles took his LSU Tigers to two SEC championships, three SEC West titles and also a BCS National Championship in 2007.  Since that win the boosters have hankered for more, unable to think soberly or realistically since they are in possession of a very young team.  Those immature rich old men want what they want and no one will be tolerated to stand in their way.  Well, Coach Les Miles was standing in their way - to hear these guys tell it... read on to hear about the boosters who are nothing but yahoo diva tittie babies throwing temper tantrums hurting the LSU brand...

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Santa Diva Cat Iphone 6 Tough Case

Check out this sexy Christmas kitty, complete with diva pearls!

Santa Diva Cat 71x47 Scarf

Design comes around the shoulders to be viewed right side up. Check out this sexy Christmas kitty, complete with diva pearls!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

New Denny Lyon Designs: Funny Santa Diva Cat

Santa Diva Cat Iphone 6 Tough Case

Santa Diva Cat Iphone 6 Tough Case

From Denny:  Get your whimsical going on with  this sexy Christmas kitty, complete with diva pearls!  Plenty of Christmas cards, Christmas note cards, Christmas postcards for your stationery needs when you feel in the mood to send out snail mail to friends and family.  There is something so tactile about old school stationery like old school vinyl music.  Some things never go out of style from generation to generation and are just good quality classics!

Santa Diva Cat is adorable on bedding for kids and adult kids alike.  Hey, it's the Christmas season when merriment, whimsy and goodwill abound!  Indulge in some old-fashioned joy and amusement.  

This diva kitty is as much fun on two sizes of scarves as she in on a t-shirt or a mug.  The scarves are designed in such a way that this diva kitty is climbing around your shoulders and facing right side up at the viewer.  She does like to be "front and center" of everyone's attention.  She knows she's beautiful!

This diva kitty also makes a cameo appearance on several types of phone cases from iPhones to Samsung.  Check out the variety available as a cute gift for that special someone who secretly loves Santa all year 'round - and cats even more!

Christmas ties, Christmas pillows, Christmas bedding, Christmas t-shirts, Christmas scarves, Christmas stationery, Christmas jewelry, Christmas mugs and so much more:  it's the celebration of the Santa Diva Cat!  Come see all the other products with her adorable image because what is shown here is just a small sampling:

Santa Diva Cat Twin Duvet

                                                     Santa Diva Cat Twin Duvet

                                                   Check out this sexy Christmas kitty, 
                                                  complete with diva pearls!  Also available 
                                                       in queen and king duvets sizes too.